Reebook Classics and Alicia Keys team up for new shoe



Hubby Swizz Beatz posts a newly cemented shoe between Reebok and Alicia Keys.  The shoe had appeal for a woman who is into wedges. 

I am unsure if the shoe will be successful but the color scheme that was released can be worn with.multiple.outfits.

Ladies go cop you a pair and let us know what you think.


Elon Musk shows his power over Tesla with a tweet


How much is one mysterious tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk worth? About $2 billion.

That’s the gain in the electric car company’s market value since Musk tweeted on October 1 that it “was time to unveil the D and something else” on October 9.

Shares of Tesla (TSLA) are up nearly 6% in the past week — a time when the broader market is slumping and gas guzzling rivals Ford (F)and GM (GM) are stuck spinning their wheels. (The stock was down about 2% on Wednesday though.)

Joan Rivers still on life support following a medical procedure

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is still on life support from a routine outpatient surgery. Joan is a fighter and I expect a full recovery but all we can do now is keep the family lifted in prayers.

Joan Rivers remains on life support five days after suffering respiratory and cardiac arrest during a medical procedure, her daughter said Tuesday.

Melissa Rivers has shared few details with the public about her mother’s condition since she was rushed to Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital Thursday.

From Fox News:
Rivers’ network, E!, has been tight-lipped about her condition, but they told FOX411 on Tuesday that filming had been suspended on the series Rivers’ co-hosts, “Fashion Police.”

“We will not be producing a ‘Fashion Police’ this week or next as we await Joan and Melissa’s return in front and behind the camera. E! will be airing two ‘E! From Fashion Week’ specials that will deliver the latest news and information from the highly-anticipated event.”

Rivers’ “Fashion Police” co-stars have not said much about the events of the past several days, aside from tweeting their support and asking fans to pray.

A source told E! News that Rivers condition wasn’t as dire as some news outlets were making it seem.

“It’s a slow process, but she’s on the road to recovery,” the source said. “She’s getting better. Don’t believe all this ridiculous speculation.”

Kevin Durant is still a Nike man resigns with the company after brief bidding war with Under Armour

Kevin Durant will still be wearing his KDs made by Nike next season. There was a huge push by Under Armour to make a play on the OKC star. Can you blame them for making a play on easymoneysniper.

Nike brought out the millions and I do mean million to match the original offer. I think it is justified besides Jordan the kids down south were faithfully in KDs or Lebron’s shoe. I personally like KD’s shoe better I think b/c they are low-top and the different colors in the shoes.

Roc Nation-represented Durant – whose current seven-year contract with Nike paid him a guaranteed $60 million – will reportedly make more from his new sponsorship deal over the next two years than the $41.2 million he’s owed by the Thunder before he becomes a free agent after the 2015-16 season, according to ESPN

Score one for Jay-Z and team. That was huge and clutch showing they are serious players in this sports agency game.

ESPN was the First to report the story below:

Nike countered Under Armour’s offer of between $265 million and $285 million and believes it will keep Kevin Durant for the next 10 years, sources told ESPN.

Nike, whose seven-year deal that guaranteed Durant $60 million is expiring, made an initial offer of about $20 million a year that was far from what Durant was looking for. Under Armour’s huge play for Durant had many believing that Nike would even let him go at that price.

The overall value of Durant’s deal with Nike could hit $300 million or more if his business continues to rise. That number is flexible as he will get a royalty on all sales in his line.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are officially married


Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are officially married.  After a whirlwind romance the two got hitched.

This is the first marriage for Evan and second for Ashlee Simpson.

The couple got married at Evan’s mom house the beautiful Diana Ross.  The wedding was slightly delayed because of the weather.

Jessica Simpson served as the maid of honor and Ashlee Simpson son Bronx walked her down the aisle.  This is all the details that have been released so far.

Wishing the couple the best and long love in the future.


I’m sure Evan had a smile this big when his beautiful wife walked down the aisle.

I expect more kids ASAP.

Lebron James is rolling around Akron is his new Kia

Lebron James Kia

Yep you read it correctly. King James is not one for flash except when he is on the court. Lebron decided to post a picture of his new car. I am not sure if he purchased the vehicle or is it some sort of endorsement deal with KIA.

I would say the latter because as we know the NBA is the bed with Kia with promotions. I would say so myself it is good to see Lebron showing the people that you don’t have to buy a million dollar car and giving his fans a real look into the life that most people live.

But with the positive I see there was a lot of negative there was one response on the instagram feed where the pic was posted that stated he makes to much to drive a KIA. I personally didn’t like the comment but who am I to think. We live in a society that is so over flash and cash that we forget that only a small percentage can actually afford those things.

Kia k900 is no slouch it cost 60k MSRP.

Kia K900

Dad Posts Video of Daughter Taking Selfies, And Boy Is It Embarrassing


“Hold on, let me take a bunch of selfies.”

Anyone who has ever looked at the selfie of a teen and thought critically about the “behind the scenes” side of things can take a gander at this candid footage that a father took of his daughter snapping consecutive pictures of herself in the back seat of their car.

Picked up by Rumble Viral, the video (seen below) shows our star making crazy faces, flinging her hair about, showing kissy lips, and sticking her tongue out, all while staring intently at her iPhone and mashing the camera shutter button. We were quite impressed with the young lady’s focus and determination to get that “perfect selfie” nailed down.

Sure, being caught on camera taking selfies is embarrassing, but she’s still a youngster. The dad, however, should be equally if not more embarrassed that he is recording in portrait mode.

Sir, you’re holding your phone wrong and our columnist David Pogue would like to have a word with you.

Ludacris wins BMI President’s Award


Ludacris aka Chris Luva Luva aka Christopher bridges has proved the game with longevity and hits. Last night Luda was honored last night amongst his peers and rocked the house.

About the honor that will be presented to Ludacris, Mike O’Neill, BMI President & CEO, said, “The President’s Award is bestowed to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in songwriting with profound global influence on culture and the entertainment industry. Christopher ‘Ludacris’ Bridges’ songs traverse boundaries and reach listeners of all genres, making him a global presence. Additionally, his philanthropic efforts go beyond measure with the work he does by way of his charitable organization, the Ludacris Foundation, making him a natural for the BMI President’s Award.”

Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations, Atlanta, added, “We are proud to be honoring Ludacris with our President’s Award. He is a hometown hero to the city of Atlanta who has had a remarkable career in music, film and television. His consistency in the industry, as well as his outreach in the community proves he is more than deserving of the BMI President’s Award.”

Throughout the years, hits like “My Chick Bad,” “How Low” and “Chopped N Screwed” have grabbed Luda nine BMI Pop Awards and 13 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards (not to mention his three Grammys, nine BET Awards, and multiple American Music Award nominations).


The world’s most expensive Starbucks drink

What did you accomplish this weekend? Maybe you opened your pool, planted a garden, or took care of some pesky errands. Not Andrew. Andrew set what is, as far as we can determine, a world record for the most expensive drink possible at Starbucks. Tamping down the previous known record at $47.30 is the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino at $54.75.

Andrew didn’t actually hand over that much money for his 128-ounce espresso milkshake. He’s a Gold member of Starbucks’ loyalty program, which entitles him to one free drink after every twelve that he buys. The free drink coupon entitles him to any drink available. Any drink? The only limits, it seems, were his imagination and what the baristas would let him get away with. They were game to let him get away with a lot.20140528-090923-32963883.jpg


HIV Prevention Shot Finally Arrived

Spotted @ I4U

An HIV prevention shot may just have finally arrived for the salvation of those infected with the AIDS virus. But the only problem is that it works in the case of monkeys and is yet to be tested in human beings.

It looks like an AIDS cure may be here at last. The matter got discussed at an AIDS conference recently. An experiment with a group of monkeys showed that when they were given the injections containing the serum, they remained safe from the ravages of the devastating illness.

But those simians that were not inoculated contracted the symptoms and died soon. The (HIV prevention) shots were to be taken once every three months. It is a much better alternative than popping pills into your mouth.

Already there is a tablet in the market by the name of Truvada that largely prevents the disease from spreading further in the infected individual.

The monkeys that were tested with the serum were macaques. They were divided into two groups. One was given the (HIV prevention) shots while the other was the control group. And the results were pretty obvious. The shots worked remarkably well and with 100% pinpointed accuracy.

Several other studies showed that the injections really did provide a lot of protection against the immune system-damaging malady. It indeed looks like the days of the AIDS pill (HIV prevention pills) are over since a very potent vaccination has been formed in the laboratory.

The pandemic of AIDS began in the eighties and spread first among the homosexual population and later on in many heterosexuals too. It caused much misery and provoked fear that reached the level of a moral panic. Since the ailment meant the sufferer would die eventually it was a very depressing scenario it created in the United States and the rest of the world.

But today the HIV disease is not as prevalent as it used to be and besides many drugs have been found that lessen the symptoms. Now with this latest exciting research, the time may have dawned when this dreadful malady will itself die a natural death at the hands of man.